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Raven? Raven who?

is what i expect to hear at the convention where I'll be wearing my latest cosplay to. I've been telling everyone that my first cosplay was L from Death Note when technically it wasn't. It was Raven from an American TV series Teen Titans (if you can count it as a cosplay since I had no idea about such a thing when i was 12)....
This is yet again another spontaneous cosplay...

DC comics
Animated series

The "original" Raven is a DC comic character but i decided to go with the animated series one becauseI've been thinking about remaking the cosplay for a long time since my skills have improved and I'vedeveloped an eye for details as well. No more "yaaaay i have a belt with round thingy's i'm
Raven!" cosplays >.<
Since the animated TV series version of Raven is rather simple I decided to make a few extra details on it. One reason for the simplicity is the fact that it's a western animation, in which the fabric textures and materials are rather hard to figure out.
I've always liked Ravens cape!  Because of her dark nature (and powers) I wanted to go with a fabric that is rather heavy. I found this fabric that is kinda like velvet but it was very cheap hence it is not real velvet..

flash on my camera ruins these...
Even though the inside of the cape is blue as well I wanted to keep repeating the darkness of the character. So i went with black lining fabric instead of blue.

The belt is made out of Cernit mass and thin golden chain. Here you can see the pieces before they were hardened, sanded and painted. Sanding the circles was rather annoying, I got excited and accidentally sanded a few of them too much which led to remaking some of the pieces...

a finished ornament 

 and the result is this. Wanting to make the belt look slender I used the chain instead of...rope? metal pieces? idk... Anyway I'm happy with the way it came out :3 painted the round pieces black and the circle ones gold with acrylic paint. The red part is underneath a thin layer of shining black paint.
The sleeves of the bodysuit have the ornaments, and the pin on the cape is similar to these ones as well. Both of these are made but haven't taken a proper picture of them yet.

Aand shoes
Covered the sole with tape since it needs to stay black.

one good to go!

The shoes are a find from a jumble sale. And a good one to be honest. They're faux suede so it was possible to paint them with fabric paint. I painted only one layer of dark blue fabric paint on them leaving the black color shimmering a bit from underneath it, since they need to be similar with the cape. I do hope they're warm enough to wear in the winter. At least i can fit woolen stockings in them :D

Basically the whole costume is finished. Both shoes painted, belt and the ornaments done, bodysuit done and the cape done. I just need a pair of seamless pantyhose's and the wig.

Next up will be some updates about the bodysuit (probably)..

CNya! ~

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