lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

It's official Goddammit I've done it again...

Earlier when I was talking about the Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay I wasn't exactly dead serious about the whole thing, but since  I've actually started to look up supplies and even asked for some fabric samples from an online fabric shop. I've decided to order the wig and fabrics (if they're right for the cosplay) on my next pay day as well which has made it pretty clear to me that I'll be making this

What on earth have I gotten myself into again. Hours of sewing, gluing stras stones, assembling stuff out of cardboard, bending wonderflex (which is something i haven't really done before). That's what lies ahead of me.... And for some reason people do this willingly!? well it's creative and is something some  people like to do so yea! :D

I also have a notebook where I write down everything i need, where to get them and how much they're going to cost. And basically when i start doing this it's 100% sure i'll be making it > _ <

Today for the first time i decided to try making patterns. And wtf i succeeded! I don't know if anyone uses this way to make the patterns but it worked for me very well. 
I have a sewing mannequin which is nonadjustable but works fine for me since it's exactly the same size as i am. Since the torso of the dress is skintight I came up with an idea to draw the seams on the mannequin with a fabric pencil using the reference pictures I've found

I had to edit the picture so the light is not correct, but at least now you can see what I've drawn :D Since I came up with this during the weekend when no stores are open I had to use baking paper to draw the patterns on. It's see trough so it does the trick. Next up, I placed the baking paper on the pattern i wanted to make and drew the outlines. Then cut the piece and repeated this untill i had all the pieces i needed


And here you can see all of the patterns. It's missing the sleeve and the hems but they're easy to make without them. Next up I'll be making a test dress out of cheap fabric using these to make sure the measurements are right for sure. Even if I've used the mannequin to make these I have a gut feeling something isn't right and if that happens with the proper dress fabric I'll be dreary about it if I need to start unpicking seams > _ <

-CNya till then!

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