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Megurine Luka WIP

Tracon 2012 is over now and I thought it would be more logical to post a WIP update before the actual con raport.

Making this costume was not relatively hard but it wasn't the easiest one i've made either. I think the main reason for that was that faux leather is not a good friend of mine....yet >:I (anyone who reads this whole post through gets a mental chocolate chip cookie!)

I started by making the dress first. The only problem with this was that when Luka is standing still the dress looks perfectly straight. The dress isn't folded in any parts. However when she moves the dress magically gets about 3 or 4 times bigger. Oh anime logic, how I love you so! The only way I could think of making this was to cut the dress into this weird half/quarter of a circle shape

The fabric there is the one i tried on to see if the shape is ok and the dress is the right lenght. 

Since faux leather tends to stretch a bit specially if it's thin, I had to do the same thing I'd do when sewing a normal stretch fabric. Put a thin paper between the leather and the presser foot to make sure the fabric stays straight. This was kinda challenging cause i had to make sure the lining fabric would also stay in place under the leather. After sewing on the golden border on the hem it was time to do the pattern.

I could only find a few good pictures of the skirt where the pattern fully shows, so i had to use several small pictures of the skirt and then think through how to combine what i had already found. After I knew the pattern I placed a thin plastic on where the pattern goes and drew it on with a permanent marker. Then put the it above, and used it as a reference to paint it on. The pattern was first painted on with a white fabric paint and then with a golden one. 

And there be the skirt now :D The belts were made out of thick brown faux leather. 

I taped over the parts that needed to stay clean of the paint. The brown triangle parts were painted with golden acryllic paint. Later on I also noticed that the brown shade of the faux leather itself was too dark so I ended up painting those as well > _ <
After that I combined the 2 parts I had for the belt. bent over the edges and sewed them. You can see the result from the picture with the dress

The top was made of the same material as the skirt. Nothing special to say about it cept that since i was really focusing on details on this costume I used ric rac string on the edges of the sleeves. A lot of people seem to miss that the sleeve openings have that kind of look > _ <

I couldn't find a good shade gold for the shirt (and the dress) so I had to sew all the strings first. 

Making the decorations for the shirt was quite fun. I used plastic pressure tube and iron wire to make the golden swirly thingy and Cernit to make the jewel on the collar. The 3 parts down below stay like that with hot glue.

The little bumpy parts lol

Shiny O_o

The shoes went through quite a lot > . < I bought a pair of old boots from a jumble sail and since the heel had to be a wedge heel I glued 2 wooden peaces on each side to close it and then covered the heel with pleather. I also cut the shaft of the shoe from the front, sewed the corners and put on the grommets.
I messed up the paint at first because the one i used didn't stick to the shoe properly and started falling off after it was completely dry. However on some parts it had stuck very well so I removed what i could and then painted the shoes again with acrylic paint and then lacquered them to make sure the paint wouldn't ware off.

The hand part was made out of a small piece of rug, soft foam and golden faux leather. I cut the rug and made it the shape i wanted to, covered it with soft foam, painted it brown, glued the golden fux leather, made the screen out of plastic and painted it. The buttons were all made of cernit and glued on with super glue. 

The arm accessories were simply made out of cardboard that I covered with brown fabric and sewed on the golden edges and blue corners. They stay on with an elastic strap inside them.

The headphone's were made out of cardboard, faux leather and an old hair band. Made the case for both sides first, both with a small bike lamp to get the light for them :D The microphone was made from plastic tubing and hot glue. 

There you go! A very long WIP post of my luka cosplay >:D

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