maanantai 17. syyskuuta 2012

Alisa Bosconovitch... Challenge accepted!

That is exactly what went through my head when i found out about this character....

 I finally decided to take it upon myself to make a more challenging cosplay. I've been wanting to make something very detailed lately and what would be better than Alisa from Tekken, Blood vengeance :D

 My boyfriend bought this movie and we watched it together and when Alisa was fighting Xiaoyu and she took out the wings and the chainsaws I was like OwO. She's just the kinda character I like, cute and brutal at the same time. Although she is very polite and she speaks in technical terms which is not a feature I'm that fond of it doesn't exactly bother me because it suits her.

This will be the first cosplay in which I will be using wonderflex. I've noticed that it's actually really expensive which means that i'll have to be extra careful with it so I will be needing a lot of luck when making this. I know exactly how to make them and what to make them of and I also have dozens of screenshots from the movie in which you can see all the small details. My biggest worry is if I have the skills to make these props.

I somehow have a feeling that this will be one of those cosplays where you just have to get yourself off your lazy ass and do it. I do want to do it and I can't wait till I get the chance to but still. It's gonna be hard.

I bet a lot of people have this problem. At least I do. You can't wait to get the cosplay done and then show it to everyone. But even if you enjoy the creating process you still feel like meh i don't want to. In the end all the trouble you've gone through because of the costume is rewarded one way or another so that's something that usually keeps me doing these costumes. Also the fact that you can be as creative as you want and your days seem anything else but boring :D

It's late, I have work tomorrow and I can't come up with anything good else to say, so CNya!~

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