tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

Megurine Luka progress

Wow. I'm actually going pretty fast with this cosplay > _ < Still got a lot to do though. So far i have the dress done and the top almost done. And the wig is done.

Making the costume out of faux leather was a good and a bad idea at the same time. Good as in I think the material looks right for it but bad as in it's a pain to work with. Specially since it's stretch faux leather...

...and this happens (the leather part is ripped a bit)
Luckily that's the armpit so I don't think it's going to show (hopefully). otherwise I think the shoulder openings look good

I used ric rac string under the gold fabric (string). The golden string parts I had to make out of shiny lining fabric cause all the ones I found were too dark. Also since i'm scared that the fabric isn't strong enough i made flat felled seams (i think they're called in English) just in case on the shoulders and will do the same later on for the back and sides..

Herpyderp making the strings..
And derpyderp sewing stretch fabric > _ <

And here's the wig. This was taken before it was braided. Like I said earlier it stays braided 'till Tracon :p

And here's a wig for my cosplay for the first day in Tracon....

Since I decided I'd redo the Gakupo wig when I cosplay him again the old wig was sacrificed for a new Dark wig from D.N.Angel. Call me crazy, but I though about it and since I was going to have to buy a new wig for Dark and for Gakupo I thought why not save some money. The wig color is right and the quality ten times better. Also it doesn't make the corners of your face blue when wearing it like the old one > _ < 

That's it for this time. I shall slumber now and continue project Megurine Luka tomorrow

G'night and CNya!~

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