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Gakupo Cosplay fan (Fan tutorial)

I had to make this out of nothing so it was pretty much improvising the whole way through when making this because I could not find  a proper tutorial about making a fan. So i'm going to make one myself now :D (keep in mind this is a fan made specifically for a Gakupo cosplay. You can use any colours and painting ways you like or not paint the fan at all)

- 30 cm long flat wood sticks
- metal wire
- 2 small pearls that have a hole big enough to fit the wire through
- tape
- a very small nail
- a hammer
- fabric and paper
- hot glue
and to make a Gakupo cosplay fan
- Purple fabric paint
- turcoise fabric paint (or a permanent marker)
- black permanent marker
- black paint for the wood sticks (if the sticks don't have a lacquer surface on them you can even use black ink for painting them)

If you're not making a Gakupo fan ignore the parts 3 and 7

1. mark the places for the holes on the wood sticks approximately 4cm's away from the other tip. NOTE: Always remember to wrap some tape tightly over the places you have marked. This prevents the sticks from cracking or breaking while making the hole.
Like so 

2. Use a small nail to make the holes. Tap once with a hammer (hard enough to get the nail though) to make sure you definitely won't break the stick

when you remove the tape it looks like this : D

3. Paint the sticks black. Acryllic paint is what i'd recommend, in which case you need to use varnish as well. I used ink because that was all i had but it worked really well.

4.Cut a small piece of wire and put the sticks hanging from it one by one. Squeeze the sticks into a tight bunch and put a pearl through the wire next to the sticks (one for each side). Bend the wire so that it goes over the pearl. 

5. Open the frame as in the picture below and put a paper under it. Draw the outlines of the fan on the paper. A good width for the fabric on the fan is 16 cm's

6 Use the paper you just cut to cut the fabric. If you want to sew the edges add 1,5 cm on each side of the paper to make sure you have enough for the seams (fold the fabric twice). You don't need sewing if you paint the edges with fabric paint because it hardens it a bit and therefore prevents it from unraveling (that's of course if the paint sticks to the fabric properly)

7.  Now paint the patterns. Use either grey or light yellow fabric chalk to do them first and then paint. When the paint is all dry, use the permanent marker on the top edge.

8. Last but not least glue the fabric on the frame. This part is good to do slowly which means that if you use something other than hot glue it might take a while. The only problem with the hot glue is that if it's too hot it will come through the fabric and it leaves a nasty mark so be careful.

When everything goes right it should look something like this

Tadaa! :D

Hope this helps ^^


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