perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

Update update updaaate

Good news is I have finally found all the fabrics and supplies i need for the cosplay for EC preliminaries. The bad news is I haven't ordered any of them yet and my hands are aching to do something for the cosplay asap! > . <
Well the last one might have partly been a lie i've actually ordered some soft foam and the wig for it but they haven't showed up yet.
I've also finished the choreography and audio for the skit and learned some fun katana tricks for it as well which i can't wait to perform on the stage! :D so i guess my situation on the cosplay isn't all that hopeless > _ < and money is not a problem anymore either because i can be a hobo and borrow some money from my mom :D (hooray for phone shares!)

like I said before i won't reveal what the costume is going to be but here are some pictures of the fabrics i will be using for it ;)


Something to do with electrical stuff maybe?....

aand some music i am hooked on atm :'D



I made a list of what i actually need to buy for the cosplay so here it is :D

- blue glow in the dark paint
- purple pearl shimmer paint
- glossy paint x 10 pack (various colors)
- shimmer lacquer
- cardboard
- dark blue satin
- metal shimmer lycra (purple, turcoise, blue/green)
- purple satin string
- metal shimmer yarn
- silver yarn
- ice blue satin
- white cotton
- A bokken

total cost of all this: 185€ (along with postal costs)

and lets not forget that i have already ordered soft foam (18€) and the wig (25€) so i reckon the total cost of making this cosplay is going to be around 240€....
I know i have the money for all this but where the hell did it come from?! ô_ô

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