keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2012

D.N Angel With plush + WIP etc etc. AKA how does a finished cosplay become an urgent project...

Recently i've written all of my blog updates in English so that's what i'm going to do all the time from now on :p (at least people'll understand what i have written that way...) 

Chibicon is one week away... which means that something incredible has happened! I've finished my cosplay on time :D or have I...
I was supposed to only do the long trench coat for the Dark cosplay but i got excited and wanted to do something else as well. So a few moments later i find myself sewing this shirt 

and a few more moments later i realize i don't have any white fastener for it > . < 
no worries though,  just checked my bank account and yaay i has enough money to get me some tomorrow :D (i'll get it tomorrow which is a Thursday and chibicon is this weeks Saturday... No worries, panicing will only make things worse...

Good news is the trench coat, the wig, and With is finished. Yes i decided to do with as well since i don't have the wings i might as well have them as With :p 
Luckily i found some white fleece which was perfect for making With. I used an old monkey plush as a model to make the patterns which worked out pretty well (although it doesn't seem like it in the pictures ahem...)

A diaper?...

My desk after about 3 hours...

I have no idea how many times i painted the eyes over and over again > . < I think i managed to get them to look decent enough though

And there's With finished :D Eyes put on with hot glue (surprise surprise!) and painted, mouth and nose painted and the paws as well. Only thing my cosplay is missing now is the shirt... which i will hopefully get done tomorrow

I also finished styling the wig for good and just for the heck of it i put up a picture of the wig of what it was like when i bought it 

I only dyed a wig with that wig head once...dammit > _ <

FYI Schwarzkopf's Osis grip extreme hold mousse is the absolute king of styling products. I didn't even have to use a hairdryer to dry the mousse in order for the wig to stay like that :D

The trench coat is just waiting to be worn :p

And yet again i have found a good song that i have been listening to over and over again > _ <



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